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Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram | Sunday, 29 November 2020
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Doordarshan Kendra, Thiruvananthapuram

Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram is part of the DD India, the largest television network in the world.  Doordarshan with over 35 Terrestrial Transmitters and 3 production centres serve Kerala, Lakshadweep and Mahi regions. Inaugurated on 1st January 1985 by the then Chief Minster of Kerala Shri. K. Karunakaran, Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram currently produces and telecasts 168 hrs of Malayalam programmes per week.  27 transmitters in Kerala, 7 in Lakshadweep and one in Mahi relay these programmes. Now more than 90 per cent of the 35 million population of Kerala, Lakshadweep and Mahi can receive Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram programmes through a network of terrestrial transmitters. With the introduction of DTH almost cent percent of the population can now receive DDK Thiruvananthapuram programmes without   cable connection.
Doordarshan studios have been established at Thiruvananthapuram, Thrichur and Calicut to foster regional diversity.  People all over India are watching Doordarshan’s Malayalam programmes.  It is also received in 64 countries spread over the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America.  

TV Scenario in Kerala

 As per the 2001 census there are 65,95206 (6.6 million) house holds in Kerala. 74.9 per cent of them are in the rural sector (49,42550) the remaining 25.1 per cent (16,52656) are in the urban sector. In 2001, 38.8 per cent of the households owned TV sets (25,60686). Of these 62.3 per cent were in rural areas and the remaining 37.7 per cent in urban areas. The percentage of TV ownership in the rural areas in Kerala is the highest in the country. Even if we estimate 10 – 15 per cent growth per annum, total number of TV households in Kerala will not be more than 40 million. Of these estimated 40 million TV households 40 – 45 per cent is estimated to have cable connection i.e., 17.5 million and the remaining 22.5 million are without cable connection, and totally depend on DDK Thiruvananthapuram for their TV viewing. The introduction of DTH, DD Direct Plus has considerably increased DD viewership in Kerala. From the available sales estimates of set top boxes and receivers it is estimated that Kerala has 3 to 4 lakh DTH households.
 Universal Reach

 Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram programmes reaches each and every TV household in Kerala. It has universal reach and viewing. As per the TAM Media Research Data DD Malayalam Programmes have very good reach in all the metro cities and other regions of the country. Viewers in the Gulf and some countries in the west are regularly demanding for more programmes for them.

Quality Programmes

 Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram is known for the quality of programmes it produces and telecasts. In Kerala DD’s Malayalam programmes are taken as the benchmark of quality of content. Some of the outstanding professionals in the field of film and TV production have been associated with Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram. Some of the best talents in the television industry in the field of production, engineering, editing, cinematography and news casting are associated with DDK Thiruvananthapuram. Over the years several professionals from the Kendra have won Doordarshan’s National TV Awards. During the current year professionals from DDK Thiruvannathapuram have grabbed almost all the important national awards including best telefilm, best director, best editing, best cinematography and best make up demonstrating outstanding TV production capabilities.

People’s Channel

 For the layman in Kerala Doordarshan is synonymous with TV.  According to different estimates on TV ownership only 40 per cent of the TV viewers in Kerala have cable connections and the remaining 60 per cent of TV households watch only DD programmes. And those with cable connections more than 70 per cent watch Doordarshan Kendra Thiruvanathapuram programmes regularly. This rare fete is possible because of the outstanding quality of the content. More than 50 per cent of the 168 hrs per week of programmes generated is produced in house.


 DD Malayalam news Varthakal from its inception in 1985 has become an addiction for Malayalee viewers for the style of presentation and clarity of content. Recently DDK Thiruvananthapuram has introduced some new slots for news-7.30 in the morning and 1.00 at noon along with the existing time slots of 7.00 pm and 5.00 pm. The restructuring of news telecast started of late is continuing.

 Live Programmes

 DDK Thiruvananthapuram year after year telecasts some outstanding live programmes, which stands for Kerala’s culture and tradition.  The first live telecast in DD calendar is Makaravilakku live telecast from Sabarimala. Now it is relayed all over the south with regional language commentary. As per TAM Media Research Data millions of TV viewers watch this live telecast. Incidentally DDK Thiruvananthapuram has won DD National Award 2005 for this programme. The second live telecast in DD calendar is the cultural extravaganza ‘Thrissur Pooram’ which is relayed by DD National and DD India. Millions of viewers all over the world watch this programme year after year.  ‘Attukal Ponkala’ in which millions of women take part is the third live telecast on DD calendar .The next live telecast in DD calendar is ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race’ from Alleppy, which is the cultural festival of Kuttanadu- the rice bowl of Kerala. DD National and DD India relays the programme with English and Hindi commentary. Millions watch this programme all over the world. Other important regular live programmes include Veettuvisesham, Krishidarshan (Friday), Nisagandhy, and DD weekend online, Samvadam and daily news bulletins.

Three Tire Service

Doordarshan has a three-tire primary programme service, the National, the Regional and the Local (narrowcast). Narrowcast is aimed at the all round and harmonious development of the citizens and regions. Programmes for the upbringing of the economically weaker zones are given for each of the zones. The basic objective of the programmes narrowcast is the rapid development of the locality. Subjects taken up include Agriculture, Rural development and Issues connected with women, children, employment and family welfare.


Krishdarshan and Narrowcasting are Prasar Bharati’s most extensive interventions to strengthen public service Broadcasting and development Communication.  Commenced on the 2nd May 2005, it is a weekly telecast from Monday to Friday. In Kerala at present Narrow cast is available from   Kalpatta, Manjeri, Malappuram, Shornur, Palghat, Thrichur and Idukki. Krishidarshan programmes include research inputs, features, success stories of farmers, field based quiz programmes, crop seminars and live question answer sessions. Important subjects taken up for discussion include organic farming, water harvesting, and vermin-culture along with important crops cultivated in the region.

Programme Composition

DDK Thiruvananthapuram always ensures a fine blend of programmes on education, information and entertainment. As per the latest programme composition approximately 50 per cent of the time is dedicated for entertainment and the remaining 50 per cent is divided between education and information.

Public private partnership

From inception in 1985 Doordarshan Thiruvananthapuram has followed a policy of public and private partnership.  This partnership is maintained through Commissioned and sponsored programmes.  DD News employs several stringers all over the state for effective coverage of News and News based programmes.  For the newly introduced Krishdarsdhan Programmes the several experts and Camera units are deployed all over the state for smooth gathering of information for the programme.

Convergence of Technology

The future of any broadcasting organization like Doordarshan would depend on its integration with the emerging technologies and the convergence of the Media with Telecommunication and Broadcasting. The introduction of the DTH, DD Direct Plus is the first step in Doordarshan’s march towards this objective.  An early entry into wireless telephony and the net service will be the next desirable option.



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