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Right to Information
(A)  a) Booking is acceptable either of a client or of a product / service.  In case of a product, Free Commercial Time (FCT) can be utilised for the advertisements of that product / service only.
 b) The Sponsor (s) / Client (s) is allowed to advertise any number of products in the admissible commercial time.
 c) Commercial Breaks permitted in all programmes are :
i) Three commercial breaks in a 30 minute slot, four commercial breaks in a 45 minute slot and six commercial breaks in a 60 minute slot will be allowed.
ii) In case of sponsored programmes produced by outsiders, the Free Commercial Time (FCT) will be inserted by producer.
iii) DD will retain right to use upto 60 seconds in-between the programme with every 30 minute slot and 120 seconds in every 60 minute slot for advertisements, channel promotion, public service messages.  For this, a break bumper is to be provided by the producer at mid-break for insertion of the material from Doordarshan end.
d) Advertisements featuring the artists participating in a particular serial / programme are also accepted for telecast along with the same programme.
(B) Credit Lines
        a)    In addition to Free Commercial Time, the sponsor (s) are allowed credit lines, upto 20 seconds at the beginning and upto 20 seconds at the end of the programme in case of programmes on Channel - 1 / Channel - 2 / Regional channels and Regional Kendras.  In case of continuing programme (e.g. feature film, sports etc.) with different sponsors in each 30 minute slots, the credit lines for 20 seconds each will be supered over the programme in such a manner that it does not obstruct the viewing of the programme.
        b)     The telecast of the credit lines will be governed as follows:-
(i) Programme Sponsored in the Name of the Client (Company) :
 The credit lines may contain :
• Visual presentation of the name of the company in any lettering / style choice and / or name in audio (including accompanying music, if desired).
• Visual presentation of the standard logo of the company, if desired, and,
• Any colour scheme of the company for visual presentation, and if so with special effects.
(ii) Programme Sponsored in the name of a product:
The credit lines may contain the name of the product, spoken or written on any style, with or without accompanying music.  Display of products with punchline is allowed.  The duration of the sponsor / punchline can go upto a maximum of 5 seconds.
Note: The procedure for the approval of the credit lines is the same as that for advertisements. 
a) There shall be no limit to the number of sponsors for a programme. 
b) The sponsor tag on could be the punchline of the product.  However its duration should not exceed a total of 5 seconds.
Approval of a programme for a particular Channel does not mean that the programme is automatically approved for another Channel of Doordarshan.  The programme has to be submitted fresh to a Channel for approval as per the extant policy.  For a programme being repeated on a particular Channel, the telecast fee charged shall be according to the following schedule:
Doordarshan shall reserve the right to telecast the programme of DD-1 (Regional) once again within 24 hrs. on the RLSS channel for which no additional telecast fee shall be charged.  The same tape along with commercials shall be played in the repeat telecast.
If the programme is repeated on the same channel then 50% premium shall be charged on the telecast fee of the new slot.
If a programme is repeated on DD-2 from Regional Kendras, a premium of 25% will be added to Telecast / Sponsorship Fees of the slot on DD-2 with no change in FCT for the slot on DD-2.  This shall not apply on repeats within RLSS.
If a programme is repeated on Regional Kendra / Hindi Belt from DD-1 / DD-2 then a premium of 25% shall be charged on the telecast fee of the new slot.
If a programme is repeated on Regional Kendra / Hindi Belt to another Kendra/Hindi Belt then 10% premium shall be charged on the telecast fee of the new slot.
If a programme is repeated on any channel of Doordarshan from the DD-World then 10% premium shall be charged on the telecast fee of the new slot.
If a programme is repeated on DD-World from any other channel of Doordarshan then no premium shall be charged.  Also, no premium will be charged if any programme is repeated from any channel of Doordarshan to the Regional Language Satellite Channel and vice versa as well as repeats within the Regional Satellite Channel.
All programmes that premier on RLSS Channels and are repeated on DD-1 (Regional) shall be entitled to 30 second bonus on DD-1 (Regional) in its time band.  The same is to be utilised in the programme itself.
4. BRANDING (for all programmes)
      i) Full spot buy rate applicable for the said programme will be charged. For the branding purpose, the usage of the punchline for the product shall be allowed in the v/o for branding.  For the purpose of branding, the producer/marketing agency shall be allowed not more than 5 seconds for the usage of the punchline of the product in the voice over for branding.
     ii)  For branded quiz shows, interview based programmes and other programmes where the microphone is visible in the camera frame, the producer can carry the brand of the product alongwith the name of the programme on the cube on the microphone.
    iii)  There will be no telecast charges for programme promos / branded promos.  Doordarshan is allowing telecast of promos (both branded and unbranded) free of charge in accordance with following guidelines:
Branded and unbranded promos are allowed for on-going programmes as well as for such programmes which are likely to come on air soon.
As Doordarshan is not charging any telecast fee for such promos, their telecast depends on the sole discretion of Doordarshan.
Duration of promos shall be 20 seconds.  In case of branded promos, maximum of 5 seconds can be used for branding purposes without exceeding the total duration of 20 seconds.
For branding purposes, pack shot and punchline of the product or service can be used.  However, for the purpose of uniformity all branded /credit line promos shall be telecast subject to the pack shot being shown in a window (Approx.  2/3 the size of the total screen).  The usage of the actual punchline of the commercial is not allowed.  The credit line should be in a separate voice over saying…….“brought to you by…..”. In the other words, the pack shot should be shown in a separate window and voice over used for the punchline should not be used in the promos.
100% continuous banking shall be allowed in all programmes till the end of the programmes.  Each single episode shall not carry commercials more than admissible FCT + 60 seconds of banked FCT (per half an hour).  No cross programme / cross channel banking shall be allowed.  Banking shall lapse with the end of the programme.  Doordarshan at its discretion may increase the banking cap upto another 60 seconds in deserving cases provided the payment behaviour of the concerned producer/agency is satisfactory.
6. CANCELLATION CHARGES (for spot booking)
A contract can be cancelled by an agency giving a notice of 7 days or more before the telecast date.  If the notice is less than 7 days before the telecast date, billing will be done as per contract filed. However, if the marketing agency / producer are withdrawing from the agreement signed with the Sponsored Wing at the time of allotment of programme, then the mandatory notice as per the agreement shall apply.
Advertisement of 5 seconds or in multiples of 5 seconds duration shall be accepted.  Advertisement below 5 seconds will not be accepted.  If the duration of the spot is above 5 seconds and below 10 seconds then it shall be charged for 10 seconds.
 Mute advertisement for 5 to 10 seconds with either the name of the product or the client will be permitted.  Logo product shot or product advertising is allowed / acceptable.
9. PERFORMANCE MONITORINGAs a general rule, a programme shall be allotted only for 26 episodes and only such programme which has good TRPs in that slot would be given extension.  Programmes rating low on TAM would be immediately removed or shifted.  According to the TAM data TRPs of a programme become available within two weeks of a telecast of a programme and they would be constantly monitored.  If, by the 13th week the programme is not able to establish itself, it is clear that it is not doing well in the market and the same would be removed to slot a new serial in its place.
(b) Doordarshan shall be entitled to review the category of a programme every quarter or after the telecast of 13 episodes. The review shall be based on the performance of the programme based on TRP ratings of the quarter.
Same category and same telecast fee with the FCT applicable will continue till the end of that programme.  For example, if a serial starts at 9.30 PM and continues till 11.30 PM, it will pay the same telecast fee per half an hour till 11.30 PM which is applicable at 9.30 PM.  Doordarshan reserves the right to upgrade / downgrade the category of such telecasts on a case to case basis.
 All advertisements will be governed by the Code for Commercial Advertising for Doordarshan.  Only advertisements approved by Doordarshan Commercial Service will be allowed for telecast.  If any unapproved commercial is telecast, the agency will be black-listed and will also be charged penalty of five (5) times the rate of the normal spot buy for the programme where such advertisement appeared.
 Spot buy rate unit   =  10 seconds
 Sponsorship Fee rate unit  =  30 minutes
All programmes accepted for telecast on Doordarshan shall normally be of half-hour duration.  However, programmes falling under the Public Service Broadcasting category, News and Current Affairs and Children’s category can be of lesser or odd duration.  In this case, all such programmes of 5 minutes, 10 minutes and odd durations etc. shall be charged on pro-rata basis rounded off to the nearest unit of 5 minutes.  The FCT available shall also be on pro-rata basis of the relevant slot.
For the purpose of application of commercial terms in case of such programmes / serials which are telecast more than once in a week, all the episodes telecast in one particular week will be counted as one episode.  For example, in case of such serials which are telecast five times a week, 130 episodes will be counted as 26 episodes for the purpose of application of commercial terms and 260 episodes for 52 weeks.
In so far as categorisation in terms of film based and non-film based programmes for various channels are concerned, such categorisation will be made and decided by the Evaluation Committee depending on the film content of the programme and the telecast fee / rates will be 20% more than the telecast fee of relevant slot.  It is clarified that the term ‘Film Based Programme’ is to be construed to mean and include album songs as well.
a) Prize Scheme / contest scheme can be a part of FCT but if it goes beyond admissible FCT, the product/ agency will have to pay at the following flat rates:
Prime Time   Rs.5,000/-
Non-Prime Time  Rs.3,500/-
All RLSS Channels      Rs.   500/-   
If the Prize scheme / contest is not part of admissible FCT then it can go upto a maximum of one minute. 
In the prize scheme, the producer / marketing agency shall be allowed to announce and show the branded products being given as prizes.
All Kendras except Delhi / LPT    Rs.2,000/-
 For programmes on ‘Making of the film’, telecast fee will be twice the normal fee under film based category for that slot.  In case, the rate card of any Kendra does not have film based category in the concerned time band then 20% extra will be levied on the telecast fee for that time band before charging twice the telecast fee for ‘Making of the film’.  For such programmes, no FCT shall be allowed.
 For ‘Tele-Shopping’ programmes, twice the telecast fee for that slot shall be charged.  However, for a tele-shopping programme on RLSS channel, the telecast fee shall be equivalent to the slot fee in which it is telecast.  For such programmes, no FCT shall be allowed.
Programmes categorised under Public Service Broadcasting and Children’s category, Currant Affairs shall have concessional rates in categories other than Super ‘A’ and Super ‘A’ Special.  These programmes shall be charged at 75% of the slot fees and shall be allowed the admissible FCT for that slot.
The Selection Committee set-up at each Doordarshan Kendra for selection of sponsored programmes is empowered to take decisions on such categorisations.
In case of ongoing MG programmes this Rate Card is not to be made applicable to the financial disadvantage of Doordarshan.
The rates indicated in the Rate Card are the minimum that is to be charged for each slot.  If more than two serials are available for a particular slot, the producer who agrees to pay higher telecast fee shall be allotted the slot with the admissible FCT remaining fixed.
Depending on commercial exigencies, Doordarshan can revise the commercial terms of a programme including but not limited to upgrading or downgrading the category of a programme or suitably revising the FCT and SBR both in cases of outside produced programme and DD produced / acquired programme.
In case of any dispute or interpretation arising out of the Rate Card, the decision of Doordarshan will be final.
22. C A T E G O R I S A T I O N
I. Super ‘A’ Special
(i) Regional language film based programmes.
  (ii) Any other programme so categorised.
II. Super ‘A’
(i) 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and other days if allotted.
 (ii) Regional News. Spot before regional news will also be under Super-A (non-film) unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
III. ‘A’ Special
(i) Non-film based programmes before 7.00 PM (Daily) other than News & Current Affairs programmes.
IV. ‘A’
(i) 6.30 PM to 7.00 PM (Daily).
 (ii) 8.30 AM to 9.00 AM
(Sunday –Morning /Afternoon)
(subject to regional Kendras having the slots)
(Except Delhi /LPT).
(i) Before 6.30 PM (Daily)
Except Delhi / LPT 
Film based serials before 7.00 PM will be charged as Super ‘A’ (non-film based).  Same category for Doordarshan produced programmes also.
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, SBR before regional news will be charged as per rates for Super ‘A’ (non-film) category.  For mid spot News, 25% premium will be charged on the prevalent spot buy rate.


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